Microsoft Hololens an Introduction

Introduction to Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Hololens is a headset that revolutionize the way we perceive the interaction with Virtual world with very intuitive experience with holographic projection.

Hololens interaction

The general interaction occurs when we interact with an object

The interaction process are

i)Gaze :-

It allows us to simply look at an object like we target with our eyes hence Gaze.


It allows us to interact with the object which we are Gazing(or aiming at through our eyes).

There can be different forms of gestures

Hand Gestures Interactions tap, place and others.


The interaction with an object occurs when we are gazing at it and speak voice commands.



The Microsoft Hololens experience is driven inputs which we interact with holographic objects  through Gaze,Gesture and Voice.We can bring highly interactive virtual world experience to life using Holographic projections.



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