Getting Started With WATSON Developer Cloud And Bluemix And Creating A Web App For Fetching Data From Twitter

The IBM Watson Developer Cloud (WDC) offers a variety of services for developing cognitive applications. Each Watson service provides a Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API) for interacting with the services.

IBM Bluemix is the cloud platform in which you deploy applications that you develop with Watson Developer Cloud services.

We can create a web application following the simple steps for analyzing the data using twitter

  • Sign Up for an IBM Bluemix Account
  • Create Appn
  • Then Choose Your App Template, would be Creating An Web Application So I Select Web1
  • Then Choose Your Starting Point, for this I Am Choosing  Browse Boilerplate3
  • You Can Select Any Of The Boilerplates, I Would Be Using Node-Red-Starter Application. This Application Demonstrates how To Run The Node-RedOpen –Source Project Within IBM Bluemix4
  • Create An App By Providing The Name5
  • After the App Is Created  Click On It6
  • Click on Go To Node RED Flow Editor. Node-RED Is A Tool For Writing Together Hardware Devices, APIs And Online Services In A New And Interesting Ways.7


  • Select The Twitter Out Node. Tweets The msg.payload used to send a direct Message

And Select Debug Node , It Can Be Connected to The Output Of Any Node. It  Can Be            Used  To The Output Of Any Message Property In The Debug Tab Of The Sidebar. The          Default Is To Display The msg.payload.

Establish The Connection Between Them.



  • Providing My Twitter Id And The Keyword Related To Which I Want To Fetch The Data From The Twitter. In This Application I Have Provided The Keyword EARTHQUAKE10
  • Deploy The Application And Then Debug. The Application Is Fetching The Data Related To The Keyword Provided By You.11Conclusion:-We covered a simple scenario where we utilized Node Red services of IBM Bluemix and extracted information from the twitter statistics.

    We see how easy it is to use Node Red Services with IBM Bluemix

    We get a firsthand experience on IBM Bluemix platform

    Very less to no coding involved as it works as a visual tool

    Node Red being easy to learn.

    Being a starter this is my first attempt to write an article and it was a fascinating one as I started learning and hence updated my article accordingly.






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